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Gazette Editorial Guidelines

Following is a brief description of Gazette editorial guidelines, including an explanation of policies governing the content of the newspaper.

The Gazette is committed to communicating the news of Memorial University of Newfoundland in a fair, clear and timely manner.

Appointments —The Gazette will at times run short news stories concerning the appointments of deans, vice-presidents, directors and other individuals whose position makes it vital that they be familiar to all staff, faculty and students. Articles will typically direct readers to the lengthier, online version of the story.

Canadian Press Style — All Gazette items must adhere to Canadian Press Style, excluding external advertisements and internal advertisements which are supplied camera-ready. A copy of the Canadian Press Stylebook is available for consultation in the office of the editor, room A-1024, Arts and Administration building.

Classified ads —The Gazette welcomes classified ads (though it will not accept personal, or 1-900 number ads, or ads involving a dubious money-making opportunity). The charge is 20 cents per word, or 30 words for $5. Ads must be submitted to Marketing and Communications (room A-1024) by the Gazette deadline, usually one week before publication. Ads must be paid for in advance using Visa, Mastercard, cash or cheque. When an error is made to the ad by the Gazette, the person can receive either a refund of the cost of one insertion, or a free extra insertion. When a mistake is made by the person buying the ad, no refund will be given.

There is no guarantee a submitted ad can be cancelled after the Gazette deadline has passed.

Convocation — Special convocation issues will be printed during the weeks of fall and spring convocation. The Gazette will at times reprint excerpts from the president's report(s) to convocation, addresses made to convocation and orations of honorary degree recipients. Professores emeriti will also be profiled.

Departmental reports/notices — Reports cannot be carried in their entirety, but a brief item dealing with the contents and where it may be acquired will be provided. Notices cannot be carried in a "notice" format, but brief items will be published — including the name of a person to contact for further information — in the In Brief section. If a longer version of the notice is posted online, the shorter, printed version of the story can direct readers to the online version.

Guest columns — The Gazette welcomes submitted or invited commentaries from members of the university community. Such articles should be no longer than 500-650 words, and should be accompanied by a photo of the author. When submitting a photo, please include the photographer's name so that a photo credit can be given. Author photos can also be arranged.

Letters to the editor — Letters are welcome, but should not exceed 400 words. The Gazette reserves the right to edit letters for grammar, spelling, CP Style, libellous/slanderous content, and length. Letters will be published at the discretion of the editor. Third-party letters will not be reprinted, nor will letters signed with a nom de plume. Authors' names and telephone numbers must be submitted for verification.

Obituaries — Obituaries will be published to record the death of members of the university community (current students and current or retired faculty and staff members). Personal tributes will not be published, in order to provide equitable coverage to members of the university community. When more than one obituary appears per issue, they will be listed alphabetically.

Out and About —A free listing of upcoming events related to Memorial or being held at Memorial. These events must be open to the general population. According to space available, listings will contain only basic information: when, where, what, etc. Entries are arranged by date. These items must be submitted one week prior to publication.

Papers and Presentations — Papers and Presentations is the section of the Gazette devoted to news about papers presented beyond the university by faculty, students and staff. These listings are concise because of the large number of submissions we receive. Papers and Presentations appears in the Gazette as space permits. Send submissions by email to

Photographs — To be considered for use in the Gazette, photos must be of good quality. The Gazette reserves the right to reject any photograph submitted. If a photo is to be returned after publication, this must be specified upon submission. All photographs for the Gazette must be labelled with subjects' names, and should be current, unless otherwise specified, in which case the date of the photograph should be indicated. Photographs taken by photographers other than Image Services personnel must be submitted with the name and consent of the photographer. Photos will be cropped at the discretion of the Gazette.

Student View — This column is written by the Gazette's student correspondent, and will cover issues of interest to students and the general community.

Submissions to the Gazette — Submissions to the Gazette, i.e. photos and captions, descriptions of events, are always welcome, but publication in the Gazette is not guaranteed. All submissions are subject to editing, and may be rejected on the basis of content or space restrictions — or in the case of photos, on the basis of quality.

Supplements and special sections — A supplement is anything two pages or more which runs with the Gazette, yet is an independent publication. In most cases a supplement will consist of four pages added to the paper. It will have its own numbering system, and will be able to be pulled out of the Gazette as a stand-alone publication.

A supplement must be booked at least one month in advance, and should be produced in conjunction with the Marketing and Communications. The Gazette will bill the pertinent unit for the cost of printing the supplement.
The unit supplying the supplement retains creative control, based on consultation with the Division of Marketing and Communications. The end result is a pull-out publication which can be distributed as part of the Gazette, or separately. Extra copies of supplements can be ordered and printed with relative ease. The Gazette is not responsible for the validity of a supplement's content.

An editorial supplement should not be confused with an advertising supplement. An advertising supplement inserted into the Gazette will be charged a fee based on advertising rates per page.

A special section is a one or two-page feature written as part of the Gazette regular content. Unlike a supplement, which increases the Gazette's regular size, a special section does not. Ideas for special sections should also be submitted well in advance of when the section is to be published. The Gazette retains creative control of all special sections.

Miscellaneous notes:

  • All material carried in the Gazette (with the exception of advertisements) must have a direct link to the university.
  • The Gazette cannot cover all events which take place on campus or which involve Memorial, and it cannot publicize events of which it is not aware. Therefore, members of the university community should feel free to let the Gazette know about upcoming events or interesting projects.
  • The Gazette reserves the right to refuse to publish material which is slanderous or highly technical, or otherwise holds no appeal for its audience.
  • The Gazette welcomes advertising from both inside and outside the university, but can refuse to accept advertising at its discretion, based on content. Camera-ready material is preferred but not essential. Advertising rates are available upon request.
  • All material submitted to the Gazette for publication must be received by Wednesday prior to the Wednesday of publication.
  • The Gazette does not have sufficient resources to provide photo coverage of weekend or evening events involving Memorial. However, a digital camera is available from the Division of Marketing and Communications for use by faculty/staff, upon request, once the Gazette has agreed to run a photo of the event in question.