Technical Writing
Develop the writing skills you need to produce concise and practical technical documentation.
Technical Writing, Writing Technical Training

Technical Writing

Develop the writing skills you need to produce concise and practical technical documentation.

Technical Writing explains the tools and techniques used to generate technical documents using an industry standard, integrative writing approach. Participants will learn how to organize a technical document, the writing style that works best, and the most effective writing process.



For Individuals
  • Learn the process of technical writing
  • Improve confidence in technical writing abilities
  • Learn to produce better written reports and proposals
  • Improve your effectiveness within the organization
  • Contribute to business success
  • Produce concise and practical technical documentation
For Organizations
  • Develop better technical writers
  • Deploy techniques for presenting targeted and clear information
  • Introduce technical writing strategies that inform the target audience objectively and efficiently
  • Improve employee productivity when preparing technical documentation
  • Improve the success of  client proposals
  • Improve corporate image through better technical documentation

Who Should Attend

Technical writers, technical editors, engineers, researchers, analysts, project managers, and other technical professionals will gain tremendous benefit under the guidance of a richly experienced technical communicator. 


Participants will build competence in technical writing through professional development in:

  • Defining and identifying the attributes of technical documents
  • Understanding the differences between technical writing and other styles of writing
  • Learning the types of documentation used in technical writing projects
  • Defining the steps involved in organizing a technical writing project
  • Describing the role of planning, scheduling, style guides and editing
  • Understanding how to present information in technical documentation
  • Using the writing stages to develop user-friendly technical documents
  • Knowing the types of sentence structure and style that works best for technical documentation
  • Identifying quality control issues in technical writing
  • Understanding the technical writing process

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7

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