Performance Coaching and Development
Giving employees performance feedback can create energy and improve productivity, motivation, and morale. Learn the process for effective performance management and development of your employees.
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Performance Coaching and Development

Learn the process for effective performance management and development of your employees.     

Performance Coaching and Development teaches the tools and techniques for providing constructive performance feedback, as well as a step-by-step approach to coaching employees to achieve peak performance.  The seminar explores the concept of a team and the importance of goal setting, accountability, performance measurement, and performance coaching to an individual or team’s success.  Participants will understand legal requirements and their impact on the development and application of coaching techniques. The seminar also teaches the concepts of formal and informal coaching, techniques for building performance confidence, and how to manage poor performance.

The seminar provides hands on practice of coaching and feedback techniques which build confidence and competency for seminar participants. Immediate feedback from peers and the instructor provides opportunities for self-improvement. 

This is a core module in the Human Resource Development Program.



For Individuals
  • Understand the importance of positive performance coaching processes
  • Understand methods to coach teams and individuals towards improved performance
  • Discover ways to enhance the legal defensibility of your performance coaching processes
  • Learn a step by step approach to conducting a performance interview
  • Practice giving feedback in a way that enhances employee well being
  • Enhance your ability to avoid common feedback errors
  • Learn motivation techniques
  • Learn to deal with managers who do not provide regular feedback
For Organizations
  • Introduce performance coaching templates to ensure consistency across the organization
  • Deploy strategies to help build trust and confidence between employees and managers
  • Encourage goal setting
  • Learn techniques for sustaining and improving employee morale and motivation
  • Introduce methods to help reduce turnover and absenteeism
  • Know how to help employees balance workload and benchmark goals
  • Promote a focus on employee development and recognizing effective performance

Who Should Attend

Business owners, managers, supervisors and human resource professionals.


Develop your performance coaching and development skills through professional development in:

  • Understanding the concept of coaching and the impact on employee performance
  • The importance of goal setting and confidence in employee development
  • How to improve employee feedback skills
  • The dos and don'ts of performance feedback
  • The importance of effective formal and informal coaching
  • A step-by-step approach to employee coaching

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 14

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