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Managing Workplace Stress

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June 20, 2018

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Managing Workplace Stress
Learn how to identify, manage, reduce, and even eliminate sources of stress in the workplace to increase organizational productivity, improve morale, and contribute to overall workplace wellness.
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Learn how to identify, manage, reduce, and even eliminate sources of stress in the workplace to increase organizational productivity, improve morale, and contribute to overall workplace wellness.

Workplace stress is an ever increasing reality in today’s modern work environment.  Employees are faced with competing priorities at work and at home, technology induced demand for access 24/7, and lean staffing which adds to overall workload.  These modern stressors, if unmanaged, can affect productivity and the general sense of well-being within an organization. Understanding how to identify the sources of stress and incorporating realistic coping strategies into the work environment will help both employees and organizations enhance overall performance and improve morale.  This experiential workshop is designed to help participants identify workplace stressors and develop a stress management plan. 

Topics Covered: 

  • Understanding positive versus negative stress
  • Recognizing the four key sources of stress
  • Developing insight into "negative stress" concepts
  • Differentiating between three major types of stress
  • Understanding how to turn negative stressors into positive outcomes
  • Identifying quick-fix techniques
  • Learning long-term preventative practices
  • Charting a stress baseline
  • Developing a stress management plan

Past Participant Feedback:

-"I was surprised it was focused on full life, not just work, but that makes so much sense! Need senior management to hear and adapt this into the workplace."

-" I've taken away great tactics to implement as well as a change in perspective which will be useful."

-" The portion on sleep was eye opening!" 

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7 


For Individuals

  • Understand different types of stress
  • Recognize the sources of stress
  • Differentiate three major types of distress
  • Learn techniques and practices to reduce and prevent stress in the workplace

For Organizations

  • Introduce strategies for improving employee wellness
  • Introduce stress management best practices
  • Introduce strategies to improve employee morale and productivity and manage absenteeism
  • Promote a healthy, happy workplace environment

Who Should Attend

Professionals and managers who want to understand and manage workplace stress to improve the health, resilience and success of employees and organizations.


Dianne Ford

Dianne Ford holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) honours degree in psychology and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from University of Saskatchewan. She also holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in management (organizational behaviour and management information systems) from Queen’s School of Business, Queen’s University.

Dianne taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in organizational behavior (OB), human resource management (HRM), statistics, international business (focused on Japan), and management information systems (MIS) at the University of Saskatchewan, Queen's University and Nipissing University before Memorial University of Newfoundland, where she now teaches OB and HRM classes at both the undergraduate and graduate level as a tenured Associate Professor.

Dianne has experience as a private consultant in healthcare and education services in Saskatchewan and Ontario, various non-profit organizations in Ontario, and has served as president and vice-president (finance) for not-for-profit volunteer organizations in Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador. She has also spent some time studying, consulting and researching in the manufacturing industry (e.g., from power industry to consumer products) and provided guidance to start-up businesses in business planning.  She coaches individuals nationally and internationally on personal and dog-sports-related skills.

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