Leading a Multigenerational Workforce
Learn how to work with the differences in attitudes and behaviours and develop them into organizational strengths.
Multigenerational Training, Age differences at work, Training for generation differences

Leading a Multigenerational Workforce

Learn how to work with the differences in attitudes and behaviours, and develop them into organizational strengths.

Leading a Multigenerational Workforce explores the impact of having four generations of employees working together, each with a different set of values, attitudes, and expectations.  Learn ways to lead and motivate the different generations and create a cohesive work environment.  This seminar reviews relevant statistics and trends, defines the characteristics of and influences for different generations, explores the impact of employing multigenerations on the workplace.  The seminar uses case studies and exercises which provide an opportunity for participants to interact with peers to explore leadership strategies and enhance competencies in managing multigenerations.

This is an elective module in the Human Resource Development Program.


For Individuals
  • Understand generational commonalities and differences
  • Learn what motivates and influences each generation
  • Understand the implications of working with and leading a multigenerational workforce
  • Learn strategies to encourage team building and respect
  • Understand communication barriers among generations
  • Learn how to promoting harmony and cooperation in the workforce
For Organizations
  • Introduce strategies for achieving harmony and respect across the workforce
  • Know how to build strong and consistent values across the organization
  • Learn strategies to build success for a multigenerational workforce
  • Foster the recognition of diversity within the workforce and the value of different perspectives
  • Learn strategies to help you become a   valued and progressive employer

Who Should Attend

Business owners, managers, supervisors and human resource professionals.


Develop your skills in managing a multigenerational workforce through professional development in:

  • The attitudes, values and expectations of the four generations - Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y
  • What motivates each generation
  • How various leadership styles work to motivate and engage
  • How to create an environment that is accepting and respectful of generational differences
  • Building on the strengths that different perspectives bring to your organization
  • The critical steps in leading a multigenerational organization to success

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7 


Chip Clark

Chip Clark has spent most of her career providing organization development consulting services to a wide variety of companies, small businesses, government agencies, arts organizations, academic institutions, and miscellaneous other groups of people who work together.  

Her success at solving organization problems has taken her across the United States and Canada, and occasionally beyond North America. She has successfully introduced strategic planning to a number of organizations attempting it for the first time. Much of her work involves helping people improve their ability to anticipate and respond to change. Chip once spent five years teaching project management to electrical engineers in California's fabled Silicon Valley, where she spent a lot of time at Apple Computer but did not meet Steve Jobs.  Her seminars provide practical tools and information, are highly interactive, rely on humour, and aim to improve the quality of participants' work life. 

Her academic background includes degrees in Biology and Counseling Psychology, and graduate studies in Cultural Anthropology. She is a lifelong student of organization behaviour.

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January 22, 2015


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