Fundamentals of Project Management
Are you entering the arena of project management and want to get started on the right foot? Learn the basic principles of project management and the structure that every successful project needs.
Fundamentals of Project Management, PSLMDP,

Fundamentals of Project Management

Learn the basic principles of project management and the structure that every successful project needs. 

Fundamentals of Project Management teaches a step-by-step process for turning a “good idea” into a simple, effective project plan and keeping it on track.   The seminar teaches the basics of developing a project plan including: deliverables and scope; resource requirements and schedule; stakeholder identification and analysis; responsibility matrix; timeline/project plan; risk assessment; and communication plan.  Participants will also learn strategies for implementing and managing both the plan and stakeholder expectations.


For Individuals
  • Learn practical project management tools and techniques
  • Understand how to manage change and challenges within projects
  • Gain confidence in leading projects
  • Develop skills for communicating project plans and securing support from management
For Organizations
  • Encourage a project planning culture
  • Introduce tools to help deliver projects on time, on budget, and within scope
  • Introduce project management best practices to your organization
  • Know how to use project management to help maximize project success

Who Should Attend

This seminar is appropriate for anyone new to project management or those who require formal project management training.


Enhance your project management competencies through professional development in:

  • Project definition and success criteria
  • Common project challenges
  • How to think like a project manager
  • Developing  the business case
  • Assessing the nature of a project and its environment
  • Assessing project uncertainty
  • Selecting the right planning approach: Waterfall vs. Agile
  • Developing a project plan
  • Managing stakeholder expectations: status reporting and change request management
  • Managing a team: motivation and communication protocols
  • Project closure: debrief and lessons learned

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 14


Jordan Wright

Scheduled Date(s)

November 22, 2016 - November 23, 2016


$825 +HST

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