St. John's-City of Legends

Cabot Tower

Called the ‘City of Legends,’ St. John’s, Newfoundland is steeped in folklore—from the Storytelling Festival to Folk Night at the Ship Pub. The oldest and most easterly port in North America, St. John’s has seen 500 years of explorers, pirates, adventurers and tourists enter its impressive rocky harbour. Signal Hill and the stone structure of Cabot Tower dominate the skyline, a reminder that Guglielmo Marconi received the first transatlantic signal here over 100 years ago. The hilly downtown is dotted with brightly-coloured row-houses and nineteenth century churches. Running parallel to the harbour, Water and Duckworth Streets are lined with boutiques, pubs, coffee shops and restaurants. It’s been said that St. John’s has the highest concentration of artists per capita in the country and the number of cultural events every night of the week gives validation to this claim. The community is brimming with musicians, artists, writers, dancers and craftspeople, many of whom are drawn to the eastern edge by the inspiring natural beauty—the open ocean and rocky cliffs that surround the city. Minke, humpback and blue whales pass by the mouth of the harbour every summer while gigantic icebergs float just offshore in spring. There are also a number of great hikes within walking distance of the city centre including the East Coast Trail which begins at Fort Amherst, just across the narrows from downtown. A symbiotic mix of untouched landscape and world class tourist attractions, the city of St. John’s appeals to nature, culture and folklore enthusiasts alike.

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