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Banner Finance Training Material

Financial and Administrative Services have developed many Job Aides to help you better understand the Banner Finance system. We also have Computer Based Training (CBTs) courses that can be accessed from your desk anytime. Reviewing these CBTs would be your first step to understanding Banner Finance. Also, training and information sessions are offered from time to time to supplement our online offerings. For more information on job aids, CBTs and information sessions keep checking this training website or contact the Financial Systems Group.

Step 1: CBT's

The Fundamentals CBT, The Finance CBT

Use the Fundamentals CBT to gain an understanding of how to navigate Banner screens using the icons, keyboard short cuts, and menu systems. It will help you gain a better knowledge of what Banner can do.

Use the Finance CBT to better understand the flows of Finance related data inside of Banner's huge data warehouse. This CBT will show you how the finance ledgers are connected and how work flows operate inside Banner Finance.

Step 2: Information Sessions & presentations

Presentations are available in a variety of topics.

Step 3: Job Aids.

These job aides combine actual screen captures and textual information on specific job functions inside of Banner Finance. These job aides were created by MUN employees for MUN employees. The job aides are updated periodically to reflect changes in policy and procedures as well as system upgrades.