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Petty Cash

The maximum expenditure through the use of Petty Cash is $75 (including taxes). Expenditures greater than $75 require the use of a direct pay, Procurement Card or purchase order, in accordance with these policy guidelines.


When the volume of petty cash transactions is sufficiently high, the Director of Financial and Administrative Services, when requested, may provide a faculty or department with their own petty cash float. When such a float is provided, the following guidelines are to be strictly followed:

  1. The departmental petty cash float is used to reimburse departmental employees for expenses incurred on behalf of the University. Maximum reimbursement is $75 (including tax). To be reimbursed, the following information is required:
    • The original itemized invoice from the vendor.
    • Accounting information.
    • An authorized signing authority for the account being charged.
  2. When presented with an invoice for reimbursement through the departmental petty cash, a petty cash voucher must be completed, see sample form Appendix C-7. The petty cash voucher, with invoice/receipt attached, will be prepared by the custodian and the appropriate approval obtained prior to reimbursement. Credit card receipts are not considered acceptable receipts for purposes of this policy. The petty cash voucher must be signed by the employee being reimbursed as proof of receipt of funds.


  1. The employee responsible to approve all petty cash reimbursements will not be the custodian of the float, and will be an authorized signatory on the account being charged.


  1. On a bi-monthly basis or as required, the petty cash float is to be replenished by the Department of Financial and Administrative Services. The vouchers are to be summarized on the petty cash summary sheet, (see sample form Appendix C-8). The total of the summary must agree with the total of the petty cash vouchers. Total vouchers as per the summary, plus remaining cash float, must equal the float issued.


  1. The custodian is responsible for safeguarding petty cash and must ensure that the petty cash box is locked in a filing cabinet or safe when not in use.
  2. Keys allowing access to the petty cash fund are the sole responsibility of the custodian. Thefts of petty cash funds are to be reported to the Campus Enforcement and Patrol, Department of Enterprise Risk Management and the Department of Financial and Administrative Services immediately. The custodian is personally responsible for all losses attributed to negligence on his/her part.
  3. As expenditures are made, place the receipts in a cash box or locked drawer to replace the money expended. The receipts and the cash on hand must always equal the total amount of the imprest fund for control purposes. Receipts should be kept separately from the cash.


The employee responsible for the petty cash is encouraged to seek advice from the Department of Financial and Administrative Services prior to making questionable payments which are not specifically addressed in this policy. The following types of payments are not permitted from petty cash:

  1. Personal items of expenditure, such as babysitting, business bags, briefcases, kitchen supplies, thesis costs, typewriter (wordprocessing) services, seminar or course fees, gratuities, etc.
  2. Reimbursement of coffee supplies are strictly prohibited with the exception of supplies required by Deans, Directors and Principal for hosting.
  3. Christmas trees, decorations, cards, flowers or gifts for staff members, their families or other dependants.
  4. Travel expense, entertainment expense and car allowance will be settled by cheque issued from the Department of Financial and Administrative Services in accordance with the appropriate policy unless other arrangements have been made.
  5. Casual help, overtime and special payments for employees.
  6. Parking violations or any traffic offenses whether incurred by University owned, leased or private vehicles.
  7. Cashing of personal cheques, making loans or advances.


  1. Each department of the University should have a supply of Petty Cash forms. The information required on the form is as found on the sample in Appendix C-7.
  2. The completed and approved Petty Cash Voucher in (a) above plus the original vendor invoice/receipt for the expenditure should be submitted to the Senior Clerk, Disbursements, in the Department of Financial and Administrative Services within a week of making the expenditure.
  3. Employees are not permitted to authorize reimbursement of expenditures to themselves.