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Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning



The primary role of the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (the Centre) will be to provide institutional analysis and planning support for the University community. With respect to the Institutional Analysis function, the Centre will provide appropriate, timely and reliable information and analysis regarding the current and past performance of the University. With respect to the Planning function, the Centre will help define and adapt the University's strategic plan and assist executive and the various Faculties, Schools and Divisions undertake specific planning projects. The Centre will be a central repository of reports and resources related to institutional analysis and planning at Memorial University.

I-2.2 - SCOPE

The scope of the Centre will include:

  1. Institutional Analysis
    1. Institutional Studies - These studies include the process of gathering and examining data bout the University, its activities, programmes, and/or services. These studies are intended to provide answers to specific questions.
    2. "Ad Hoc" Reporting - University executives, committees, etc. often have concerns that can only be addressed through data compiled from several of the University's operational systems. Where appropriate, the Centre, in cooperation with other administrative units, will attempt to address these concerns and formulate standardized definitions to ensure compatibility with any subsequent studies.
    3. Responding to Information Requests - The Centre will be a primary liaison for receiving internal and external requests for information which crosses organizational boundaries or which is available in published format. This will assist in avoiding duplication of effort by various units within the University.
    4. Production of Standard Reports - The Centre will prepare on a semester or annual basis, as appropriate, a number of standard reports which will be designed to serve as reference publications for statistical data related to the operations of the University.
    5. Support for Review Committee - The Centre will provide data compilation and analytical support for departmental reviews.
    6. Development of Performance Indicators - The Centre will develop a set of performance indicators for the University and establish a mechanism for tracking those indicators, as well as obtaining comparative information related to peer, natural and aspirational groupings of other Canadian universities.
    7. Assist University-wide Data Administration - The Centre will provide advice to the Department of Computing and Communications regarding the management of information as a resource for the entire university and promote the establishment of standardized codification throughout all systems at Memorial.
    8. Miscellaneous Services - The Centre will assist the University community to undertake various activities related to the preparation and presentation of information about Memorial.
  2. Planning
    1. Facilitate Strategic Planning for the University - The Centre will help define and adapt the University's strategic plan through an ongoing process which will include:
      • environmental scanning - a continuous process to keep abreast of recent changes, emerging situations, and upcoming issues in the key sectors that impact on the University (e.g. political trends, education trends, employment/economic projections, technology developments, student perceptions);
      • internal analysis - a mechanism to track University-wide performance as well as the review of activities and programmes in the context of centrality to the University mission and goals and cost/benefits to the University;
      • identification of strategic issues - extrapolating from the external opportunities and threats, and the internal strengths and weaknesses what are the strategic issues facing the University and providing timely advice;
      • articulation of strategies - providing analysis to assist decision-making related to University strategies and assisting the communications of strategies to the responsible managers, faculty and staff.
    2. Assist Strategies Planning in Faculties/Schools and Divisions - The Centre will promote and support strategic planning efforts in the various Faculties, Schools and Divisions of the University.
    3. Support Organizational Planning - In addition to the "what to do" focus of strategic planning noted above, the Centre will also support the "how to do" of operational, tactical and long term planning efforts throughout the University.
    4. Project Support - The Centre will provide support for specific projects which may include implementation/financial planning, proposal preparation and/or mobilization of internal/external support.


  1. Access to Information - Within appropriate security protocols, the Centre shall have access to all University computer-based and other data deemed relevant to the exercise of their activities and duties.
  2. In the event of a dispute regarding the provision of access to information and records, and its relevance to the activities of institutional analysis, such dispute will be resolved by discussion between the appropriate Vice-President or Dean/Director and the Vice-President (Academic).
  3. The Director of the Centre is responsible to the Vice-President (Academic) for the administration of this policy and these procedures.
  4. Any deviation from this policy must be approved by the Vice-President (Academic).


  1. The Director of the Centre is responsible for determining:
    1. What studies and planning activities will be undertaken;
    2. The priority of any requests that are received;
    3. What information or reports can be released. Where the information contained in reports was obtained from other University departments, the Director should consult with the head of the originating unit prior to the release of such information.
  2. In performing its activities, the Centre has no direct responsibility for, nor authority over, any of the activities studied. Therefore, institutional studies or reviews do not, in any way, interfere with or relieve the persons at the University of the responsibilities assigned to them. Individual departments will continue to provide information and reports that pertain to their responsibilities.
  3. The Centre is not responsible for the design or implementation of systems of controls outside its own department.


To assist the Centre in carrying out its mandate an Advisory Committee will be established in conjunction with the primary departments whose data will be utilized by the Centre to help ensure that departments are kept informed of the changing requirements for information and to exchange information related to systems developments or operational/procedures changes. This Committee will be chaired by the Director and the following will be invited to be members, else to appoint a designate:

  • Registrar
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director of Budgets and Audits
  • Comptroller
  • Director of Alumni Affairs and Development
  • Director of Computing and Communications
  • Director of Office of Research
  • Any other persons invited by the Committee.


  1. Each activity of the Centre shall be adequately planned to clarify the objective(s) of each project and what systems, procedures and processes will be utilized.
  2. Prior to commencing a study, the Director of the Centre will discuss the objectives and scope of the project with the appropriate officials in any unit that may be involved in or will be providing information for the study. These officials should also be provided with a draft copy of any report and given the opportunity to make comments before it is finalized.
  3. Requests for assistance or information from the Centre should be in writing stating the information required, the purpose for which it is to be used, the time frame in which it is required, and (where appropriate) under whose authority the information is being sought.
  4. Staff of the Centre may discuss and recommend changes to individual departments that serve as custodians of the data at Memorial, and, where possible, also assist in the implementation of these changes.
  5. The Director of the Centre shall submit to the Vice- President (Academic) an annual report summarizing the activities of the Centre for the past fiscal year.
  6. Material prepared and retained by the Centre may not be released or reproduced without the permission of the Director of the Centre and the director(s) of the unit(s) responsible for the information.