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Direct Pay

  1. Purchase orders are to be used in all purchasing situations. If the option to use a purchase order is not provided by the supplier, then a direct pay form may be used. The procedures of completing a requisition and obtaining quotations still applies to acquisition by direct pay.
  2. Direct Pay forms are available from the Department of Financial and Administrative Services. See sample form in Appendix C-9.


The only types of purchases to be made on direct pay forms, provided the option to use a purchase order is not available, are those listed below. All other purchases of goods and services must be made by petty cash, Procurement Card or purchase orders.

  1. Items authorized for direct pay acquisition:
    1. Reprints of papers published in journals.
    2. Membership in Learned Societies (memberships in professional organizations are not permitted). Refer to Appendix C-10 for a sample of the Eligibility of Membership form which must accompany the Direct Pay Subscriptions.
    3. Books and publications which cannot be obtained through the Bookstore or University Library.
    4. Advertising in magazines or journals. All other advertising, such as in The Telegram, must be on a purchase order.
    5. Registration fees for approved courses, conferences, symposiums, etc.
    6. Binding of thesis when arranged through the University Library Bookbindery.
    7. Telegrams, Telex.
    8. Refunds.
    9. Advance payments as required for purchases from government agencies.
    10. Certain monthly payments such as utilities, postage.
    11. Payment of scholarships, refunds, loans and allowances.
    12. Reimbursement of safety clothes purchases to employees.
    13. Payment for videotapes obtained by the Library on a preview basis.
    14. Service contracts on equipment.
    15. Other items as approved by the Director of Financial and Administrative Services.

The supplier invoice is required prior to preparation and processing of the Direct Pay.


  1. Where an order and/or application form is required, the form must be completed by the department concerned and forwarded to Financial and Administrative Services with the original copy of the direct pay form for the amount required. The Department of Financial and Administrative Services will issue a cheque and mail it with the application form.