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Departmental Records and Verification


  1. It is the responsibility of each University department or grantee to compare, review and analyze the monthly accounting statements and report of transactions with documents maintained by the department, or grantee as backup to the statements.
  2. Any discrepancies should be reported to the Department of Financial and Administrative Services immediately. If no discrepancies are reported, the statements will be assumed to be an accurate reflection of departmental or grant spending.
  3. Global operating budget allocations are made to the Deans and Directors who are responsible for the distribution of funds to the individual departments and/or other budgetary components within their units. Departments should ensure that proper procedures are followed and that all monies are spent wisely within budgetary constraints in accordance with University policy. The budgetary process is documented in Policy B-1 of the Policy and Procedures Manual.


It is the responsibility of each department to sufficiently document each purchase in order to provide audit evidence of their compliance to these purchasing guidelines. This evidence must be retained for a period of the previous six fiscal years plus the current fiscal year.