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Change in Schedule of Reimbursable Expenses, Travel Policy, Re: Taxis

Effective August 23, 2016, Vice-Presidents Council approved an amendment to the Schedule of Reimbursable Expenses, Travel Policy, to increase the reimbursement for actual taxi fare by $15 from $40 to a maximum of $55 when an employee is travelling each way from St. John’s International Airport to their normal place of residence. The $60 each way for Corner Brook remains unchanged. The Travel Policy has been updated to reflect this change.


New Journal Entry Form

The Department of Financial and Administrative Services has developed a new journal entry form in excel that is to be used for all future journal entry transactions. The form can be found on our website at

Paper journal entries will no longer be printed once the current stock is depleted.

For units which have developed their own forms, please replace them with our journal entry form.

Please complete the journal entry in excel and then print, sign, attach the appropriate documentation and forward to FAS. Do not print the form and hand write the information.

Any journal entries received that are hand written or in another excel format will be returned to the unit for completion of the new journal entry form.

Do not use formulas in the amount column. This may cause the JE to show as unbalanced.

We have implemented a number of checks and balances in the form to ensure:

  1. Debits and credits balance
  2. Interfund transfer accounts balance
  3. Text descriptions are limited to 35 characters
  4. Absolute totals match document totals

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions on the form, please contact Peter Mooney at or at 864-2174.


Concur Online Bookings

Maritime Travel will be fulfilling all online bookings made through the Concur tool in one central location out of our extended hours and 24/7 office in Truro Nova Scotia.

In addition to centralizing the fulfillment, we are delighted to announce the launch of our dedicated online support desk.

Our online support desk is open from 9:00AM (AST) to 9:00PM (AST) Monday to Friday and 9:00AM (AST) to 5:00PM (AST) Saturday and Sunday and will provide navigational assistance to our clients for the online booking tool and our traveller profile tool.

You can reach the online support desk by calling toll free at 1-844-423-9133 or via email at

Of course our Emergency Travel line is always available for any assistance (non-technical) regarding your travel plans and bookings. They can be reached toll free at:

1 888 551 1181 within North America. Outside North America - please call
902 423 3806 or you can now contact us via email at:

We thank you for your continuing support and assure you that we are committed to earning your business every day by being able to provide you with our award winning personal services.