Hazardous Spill or Gas Leak

What Constitutes a Hazardous Spill or Gas Leak?

Spills or leaks involving any of the following types of chemicals should be immediately reported using the procedures listed below.

  • Flammables
  • Corrosives
  • Oxidizers
  • Toxics
  • Cryogenics, etc.

In Campus Buildings

1. Attempt to confine the release by turning off valves, containment or neutralization.

2. Isolate the area by closing doors. Warn people in the area.

3. If the spill or gas release appears to be serious, sound the building alarm so the evacuation can begin.

4. Notify the department head or representative.

5. Notify the Campus Enforcement and Patrol Office or Emergency Services, giving your name, department and the nature and location of the emergency

6. Evacuate to a safe area, at least 200 meters away from the building. Do not return to the building until informed by Campus Enforcement and Patrol personnel that it is safe to do so.

7. Decisions on evacuation of buildings when suspicious or unpleasant odors persist will be made by the building manager or department head, who may consult Safety and Environmental Services or other appropriate agency.

8. Suspected gas leaks or suspicious odours should also be reported to the Campus Enforcement and Patrol Office or appropriate authority so appropriate action can be taken.

Outside Campus Buildings

1. Attempt to confine the release by turning off valves, containment, dyking or any appropriate action. A major concern would be petroleum or other hazardous products entering manholes and storm drains. Any temporary measures to prevent this should be initiated.

2. Contact the Campus Enforcement and Patrol Office giving details of the emergency. Campus Enforcement and Patrol will alert the Safety and Environmental Services Office.

To Report an Emergency

Dialed From Campus Exchange

  • St. John's Campus - 4100
  • Health Sciences Centre - 4100
  • Ocean Sciences Centre - 9-911*
  • Marine Institute - 0456
  • Grenfell Campus - 9-911*
  • Harlow - 9-999

Note: When utilizing 911, a follow-up call should be made to Campus Enforcement & Patrol.