Campus Enforcement and Patrol

CEP Office

Campus Enforcement and Patrol is responsible for the safety and security of students, University employees, staff and university property.

Service is provided 365 days per year, with 24 hour, campus-wide coverage by vehicle and foot patrols. All officers have received training in first aid, CPR and emergency response procedures (fire, bomb threat and medical emergencies).

Services include:

  • Patrols and secures campus buildings and grounds.
  • Incident response, investigation and liaison with the RNC.
  • Emergency response including coordination of transportation services.
  • Monitoring and response to fire and intrusion alarms.
  • Key issue and access control.
  • Traffic and parking control including accident response, permit issue, parking meters, bicycle parking, patrolling and ticketing functions.
  • Transportation of the disabled.
  • Lost and found services.

Location: FM-1018, Facilities Management Building; H-2720, Health Sciences Centre

Phone: 864-8561 or 777-7280 (HSC)