On the Street

• Avoid walking alone whenever possible.
• Never hitchhike! It’s not worth the risk!
• When walking, walk in the middle of the sidewalk and walk facing oncoming traffic.
• Attempt to appear confident and purposeful when you walk and be alert to your surroundings at all times.
• Plan and use the safest and most direct route to your destination.
• If you carry a purse, carry it close to your body, preferably in front. Carry no more money or credit cards than you absolutely need.
• When walking, try not to overload yourself with packages or other items. Keep your hands as free as possible.
• When walking, choose busy, well-lighted streets and avoid isolated areas, alleys, vacant lots, abandoned buildings, and construction sites.
• When walking during hours of darkness, carry a flashlight.
• Wearing headphones connected to portable radios, cassette or CD players while walking can distract you and make you less sensitive to potential danger.
• If you carry a purse with a shoulder strap, be prepared to let it go if snatched. Otherwise, you could be knocked down and hurt.
• A good suggestion for men is to carry a second wallet containing a few dollar bills and old expired credit cards, which are normally destroyed or discarded. If confronted at knife or gun point, give the suspect the second wallet and concentrate on a good physical description to help the police in making the arrest.
• Avoid being on the street alone if you are upset or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
• When walking, carry a loud whistle or high-decibel personal alarm. Use them to attract attention or summon help if you feel you are in danger. Carry the whistle or alarm in your hand so you can use it immediately.
• If followed or threatened by someone who is walking, use your whistle or personal alarm or scream loudly, cross the street, and run in the opposite direction.
• Never wear expensive jewelry or carry large amounts of cash when walking.