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Music Building

Facilities Management no longer issues standing offer agreements for the purchase of furniture and fixtures. These include non-fixed items such as chairs, tables, file cabinets etc. Departments responsible for such purchases and should refer to section P-1 Purchasing of the University Policy and Procedures Manual.

The exception to this is the purchase of modual furiture systems, which must be approved through the Facilities Engineering and Development Section. The requirement for this approval is to ensure that room layouts comply with building code and fire egress rules, heaters and ventiation are not affected and space allocation is in accordance with the Space Standards and Guidelines.

To faciltate the purchase of modular furniture, Facilities Engineering and Development have issued a standing offer agreement for the supply of a selection of modular furniture. These can be supplied in approximately 4 - 6 weeks as opposed to the traditional 8 - 14 weeks for custom tendered items.

Please complete and submit a Project Request Form if you would like Facilities Management to undertake a furniture request on your behalf.