Space Planning and Administration

Floor Plan-Departments

Space Planning and Administration section is responsible for the compilation and administration of space inventory, assesing and accommodating the space requests and requirements, facilitate efficient and effective allocation of space throughout the University and the development of a formal University-wide space policy.

Space Planning involves documenting and assessing all requests for space using the University Space Standards and Guidelines, attempting to have requests resolved, and if possible, directing recommendations for appropriate approval.

Space Inventory information gathered from departments will allow for the overall planning for campus space issues to provide critical information related to safety and crisis management responsibilities.

Space Utilization examines, analyzes and reports on the current use of space on an annual and ad-hoc basis to assist the University in making better use of its resources.

Location: FM2035, Facilities Management Building

Manager: Margaret Michalak

Phone: (709) 864-4419
Fax: (709) 864-2215; e-mail:

Project Technician: Patrick Furey 

Phone: (709) 864-3543