Construction Projects

GRD-512-15: High Voltage Electrical Upgrades

Hoarding and Closure Plan (July 17, 2017)


2017 Grounds Improvement Package, GRD-507-16


Earth Science - Starting week of June 19, 2017

Arts and Administration - Starting week of June 19, 2017

Duration of Construction: June 12, 2017 through July 15, 2017



Academic Tunnel upgrades, TU-506-15

May 8, 2017


Effective Monday, May 8, 2017, Facilities Management would like to advise the University public that in order to facilitate construction work in the Academic Tunnel, the section of tunnel between the Education Building and the Science Building East will be closed to the public. The closed section includes access from the Science Building, Chemistry-Physics Building, Physical Education Building and the Education Building. The sections of tunnel between the Science Building East to Paton College and the QEII Library to the Bruneau Centre will remain open, as well as the section of tunnel within the Education Building. Facilities Management anticipates this work to be complete prior to the start of the Fall 2017 Semester.  

General Contractors: Anchorage Contracting Ltd. and Eastern Contracting Ltd.

Facilities Management Contact: 864-4430 (Dave Rideout)

Inquiries concerning this project can be directed to Facilities Engineering and Development, Department of Facilities Management at the phone number listed above or by contacting 864-7600 after hours. Facilities Management appreciates your cooperation during this important upgrade to campus infrastructure.


Ocean Science Centre, Pumphouse Upgrades

(RD-113-15) Tendering


St. John's College Envelope and Mechanical Systems Upgrades

(J-514-12) In Construction

The renewal of St. John's College is a collaborative effort of the Department of Facilities Management's Capital Deferred Renewal Program and the School of Social Work. Through a combination of resources and planning the University has undertaken the renewal of the building's envelope, mechanical and electrical systems, and areas of the interior teaching and office spaces.

St. John's College Original


Built in approximately 1967 the building was originally a residence and Chapel under the direction of the Roman Catholic Diocese. The facility eventually came under the direct management of the University and it became home to the School of Social Work, while maintaining the Chapel's function. In 2006 the Chapel was renovated to an inter-faith chapel in order to reflect the growing diversity of the campus.


This project will remove and replace the existing brick and windows which are deteriorated and past their useful life. In addition, portions of the roofing will be replaced with special attention being paid to the unique copper mansards that tie this north campus building to its counterparts across the road at Paton College. When completed, the building will have an entirely new exterior wall of architectural brick, cultured stone and windows. A significant improvement during this work will be the installation of a new heat pump based mechanical heating, cooling and ventilation system which will allow greater comfort and control as well as providing significant energy savings.

Schedule and Cost

The project has a value of $4.6 Million and is scheduled to be completed in November 2015.

The following image is the architect's rendering of the building's appearance when renovations are complete.

St. John's College Rendering

Queen's College Envelope Renewal Project

(QC-269-07) Completed

The envelope renewal for Queen's College has been a priority for the University since 2007. Recent increases in capital deferred renewal funding has permitted the University to undertake larger scope projects such as the work being completed at Queen's College.

Queen's College envelope upgrades are being undertaken at an estimated capital cost of over $3 Million. When completed, the building will have an entirely new exterior wall assembly consisting of a curtain wall and windows. Additionally, the original roof will be replaced in its entirety.

The following image is the architect's rendering of the building's new appearance when renovations are complete.

Rendering of Queen's College

Construction Schedule

The contractors original construction schedule indicated that an accelerated delivery would allow the project to be completed by January 2013. This date was revised to March 2013 and substantial performance was reached in August 2013.

Construction Concerns

Asbestos: Prior to the commencement of construction, Facilities Management undertook a hazardous materials study of Queen's College in order to determine the location of potentially asbestos containing materials such that appropriate abatement measures could be employed during construction. Drywall joint compound and window caulking were found to contain low levels of asbestos, and a licensed abatement contractor was employed to remove this material, following Memorial's asbestos abatement protocols. As part of this process, air samples are collected to confirm that asbestos fibers have not been released to the surrounding environment. These results can be found in the following location: Queen's College Clearance Air Sample Results.

Noise: Noise during construction work is a normal consequence and the renovations at Queen's College are no exception. The majority of heavy construction, which generated the greatest amount of noise, was carried out during the summer months when the building had its lowest occupancy. Some construction noise will continue to be experienced as the renovations progress, but these will be relatively localized. The contractor has been requested to schedule extremely noisy activities after hours or over weekends.

Dust: Facilities Management has increased the cleaning cycle of the building during the past few months in an effort to minimize the dust accumulation. On October 12, 2012, Facilities Management undertook a systematic cleaning of the entire building which addressed all common areas and offices. Specific areas of dust accumulation were addressed that would not normally have been addressed by normal cleaning practices.

Silica Dust: On August 30, 2012, Facilities Management performed air sampling for the purpose of determining the possible presence of respirable silica in air. No respirable silica was found. These results can be viewed here: August 30, 2012 - Silica In Air Sampling. Bulk sampling of solid dust particles was performed on September 21, 2012, to test for settled silica in dust. These results are available here: September 21, 2012 - Silica Bulk Samples.





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