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Elevator Trouble - Zone 3

Zone 3

Click on the building experiencing elevator trouble, or choose your specific building below.

Main Campus
Building ID Building Name
A Arts and Administration
BN Business Administration
BT Biotechnology
C Chemistry-Physics
CF C-CORE Centrifuge Centre
CH Child Care Centre
DH R. Gushue Hall
DO Doyle House
ED Education
EN Engineering and Applied Sciences
ER Earth Sciences
GH Feild Hall
HA Hatcher
HH Henrietta Harvey - Mathematics
IIC INCO Innovation Centre
J St. John's College
L Queen Elizabeth II Library
MU Music
SN Science Building
SP Spencer Hall
UC University Center - Smallwood Centre

Ocean Science Center
OS OSC Main Building
AX OSC Annex
AC OSC Aquaculture

The Works
AQ The Works - Aquarena
FH The Works - Field House

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