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Literary Resources

This site provides you with many links to information to help you better understand the course material, and is intended to be an introduction to web research. However, you must use your judgement to determine which sites are most reliable for your purposes.

Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms
This site is maintained by Jack Lynch, professor at Rutgers University, Newark. He also provides a number of writing resources and useful links on his main page.

Literary Terms from University of Victoria's Writer's Guide
You can also find writing help on the main Writer's Guide page.

Handbook of Terms for Discussing Poetry
Compiled by Harry Rusche at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.

Elements of the Short Story
From Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. This site offers explanations of terms such as character, setting, plot, point of view and theme.

Glossary of Literary and Poetic Terms
Links from the Vancouver Public Library Online to Robert Harris' Glossary of Literary Terms at and Robert G. Shubinski's Glossary of Poetic Terms.