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First Year Courses

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The completion of first-year English courses is required for all programs at Memorial University. These courses are taught by all members of the English Department, including both senior and most recently appointed scholars and teaching fellows.

In first-year English classes students are given individual tutorial assistance in reading texts critically and writing accurate and clear essays.

The purpose of the first-year English credit courses is to train students in the way language works, above all language used imaginatively. Students are introduced to the study of imaginative literature at the University level and learn to write about it in a thoughtful and responsive way, through a close examination of language.

The students read a variety of literary texts (short stories, plays, novels, poetry, essay). By studying these in detail and discussing them the students become aware of the central purposes of these texts, and of the ways in which writers shape language to communicate ideas and values.

The students then write about the texts to consolidate and extend their understanding of them as well as to learn the fundamentals of composition: discovering the points they want to make, planning, drafting, and editing.

In accordance with the twofold aim of the Department, essays are graded on the quality of both content and writing. Students write a minimum of four essays per semester, at least one of which is composed out of class. Students are also required to write two essays in their final examination at the end of the semester.