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Sparks Literary Festival

Sparks Literary Festival 2013

Avis and Dawe

Nick Avis and Tom Dawe respond to audience questions at the symposium on the poetry of contemporary Newfoundland and Labrador sponsored by the Department of English through the Scholarship for the Arts Fund.

Held on the afternoon of January 19, in collaboration with the SPARKS Literary Festival, the two- session symposium was a resounding success, with a full house of fifty or so and spirited exchange among participants and audience. Panelists were poets Nick Avis, Mark Callanan, Tom Dawe, Danielle Devereaux, James Langer, Carmine Starnino, and Leslie Vryenhoek. The event was chaired by poet and librarian Patrick Warner, with opening remarks by Department Head Donna Walsh and by symposium organizer Mary Dalton. Among other poets attending were Lynette Adams, Dana Evely, Iain McCurdy, Don McKay and Shoshonna Wingate.

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