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The 2009 Pratt Lecture on CBC Radio

This Saturday on CBC Radio's Performance Hour, Dr. J. Edward Chamberlin explores stories, songs, poetry, oral and island culture, Irish and native traditions, and how they resonate with us.

Dr. Chamberlain delivers the 2009 Pratt Lecture <> , entitled The Snarl Around Our Dory: The Long Line of Island Traditions. It can be heard Saturday, May 2 at 5:35 PM, 5:05 in Labrador, on CBC Radio One.

An interest in stories and songs has taken Ted Chamberlin all around the world, to the hunters of the Kalahari and the herders of Mongolia as well as the Aboriginal Peoples of North America.

As an advocate for the importance of stories, he has worked on aboriginal land claims, and toward honouring oral testimony and oral cultures.

Ted Chamberlin is University Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto.

The 2009 Pratt Lecture <> was recorded March 26 on the campus of Memorial
University in St. John’s.

The Performance Hour is heard every Saturday afternoon at 5:35 PM, 5:05 in Labrador, on CBC Radio One.