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Recent Graduate Courses

Graduate programs in the Department of English are offered regularly throughout the academic year. Some of our recent graduate courses are highlighted below; for more detailed information please contact the Graduate Studies Coordinator.

Spring 2014

English 7072: The Contemporary Canadian Long Poem

Prof. Mary Dalton 

Winter 2014

English 7024: "Consider the Hummingbird": A Creative Writing Workshop on the Essay

Dr. Rob Finley

English 7048: Studies in Eighteenth-Century British Literature: Pope, Publishing, Popular Culture, and Pornography

Dr. Don Nichol

English 7054: Contemporary British Fiction: Postmodernism and Beyond

Dr. Bradley Clissold

English 7073: Contemporary Newfoundland Fiction

Dr. Larry Mathews

Fall 2013

English 7003: Theory for Our Times

Dr. Fiona Polack

English 7035: Arthurian Romance

Dr. William Schipper

English 7055: The Banality of Magic: Fantasy, Myth, and Humanism

Dr. Christopher Lockett

English 7085: Graphic Storytelling

Dr. Nancy Pedri

Spring 2013

English 7050: Reconstructing Nineteenth-Century Society: Thackeray, Gaskell, and Eliot

Dr. Mark Cumming

Winter 2013

English 7043: "Pale Fire?": Renaissance England Reflects The Classical Past

Dr. Robert Ormsby

English 7053: Posthumanism and the Gothic: Animals, Monsters and Machines

Dr. Jennifer Lokash

English 7072: "A Touch of the Basic Brimstone": Canadian Humour and Satire

Dr. Faith Balisch

English 7075: The Poetry of Newfoundland: From Colonial Trope to Vernacular Expression

Prof. Mary Dalton

Fall 2012

English 7003: Contemporary Literary Theory and Practice

Dr. Danine Farquharson

English 7037: Spectacles and Rituals of Power in Early Modern English Literature

Dr. Agnes Juhasz-Ormsby

English 7051: "What the Dickens" Is It All About: Charles Dickens, A Bicentennial Retrospective

Dr. Annette Staveley

English 7058: Games of City Life: Urban America, 1825-1915

Dr. Andrew Loman

Winter 2012

English 7041: "Our Scene is London": Urban Drama in the Early Seventeenth Century

English 7061: HBO's America: Television, History, Culture

English 7079: Post-Colonial Studies 1: Imagining Islands

English 7082: Show 'n' Tell: Photography in 20th-Century Literature

Spring 2012

English 7073: Contemporary Newfoundland Fiction

Fall 2011

English 7003: Identity Politics and Contemporary Literary Theory

English 7050: George Eliot

English 7070: Canadian Drama: Looking Back

English 7066: Colonial Fantasies & Nationalist Fairytales