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The Department of English Language and Literature is home to two online journals, Postscript: A Journal of Graduate Criticism and Theory and At the Edge, devoted to publishing and fostering the work of emerging scholars. 

Postscript: A Journal of Graduate Criticism and Theory is edited by graduate students in the Department.  Recently converted into an online, open-access journal, its current issues can be found here.

Founded and edited by Jennifer Lokash, At the Edge is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  Its first issue, Romantic Bodies, was published in 2010.  A second issue, City Types, has just come online. 

The cover of Postscript 8.1, by Tanya Doody, is titled "Greeting Gesture" (2011). 

The cover of At the Edge 1 is by Stacey K. Cheater.