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Gregory J. Power Poetry Competition

Past Winners


  • Mark Butt "Resettlement" (1st Place)
  • Iain McCurdy "Mist" (2nd place)
  • Eva Crocker "The Tail End of Something" (3rd place)
  • Honourable mentions:
  • Gary Newhook "Widow"
  • Aley Waterman "While You Were Sleeping"
  • Scott Heffernan -Vickers "Emma"
  • Mark Butt "Love is, Life is"

Jeroboam Winner:

  • Michelle Rowsell "The Last Boat of 20 Union Street"


  • Dana Evely "Surface" (winner);
  • Stephanie Hawco "The Emptying Place" (2nd place & Jeroboam Prize)
  • Lynette Adams (3rd place);
  • Nicole Hand "We Didn't Know It Was Winter" (honourable mention);
  • Evan Hazenberg (honourable mention);


  • Jody-Beth Lee "The tiny red maple we found while blueberry picking" (winner)
  • Lynette Adams "Weaning" (2nd prize)
  • Kirsten Haynes "Seagull" (3rd prize)
  • Jeroboam prize - Randy Drover "Before Going Out (Two Tankas)"


  • Lynette Adams "The Second Sight" (winner)
  • Randy Drover "The Barber's Apprentice" (2nd)
  • Kyle Carpenter "Ferrying" (3rd)
  • Nigel Jenkins "Twilight" (honourable mention)
  • Jeroboam prize - Randy Drover " Ugjoktok - 1940"


  • Duncan Major "Springtime" - (winner)
  • Greg Hewlett "Squint" (2nd prize)
  • Kyle Carpenter "Another Coast" (3rd prize)
  • Kimberley Wilton "The Time in Between" (honourable mention)


  • Amanda Jernigan "Crash" (winner)
  • John Hoben "Banting Lake" (second prize)
  • Degan Davis "Winter" (third prize)
  • Chris Mercer, Jenna Hawkins, Duncan Major (honourable mention)