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Meet the producers

storm and drain The Producers of Mother Courage:

Lindsey Hewitt has been involved with theatre since her debut the in Sacred Heart Elementary Kindergarten Christmas Concert. At that time she gave a stunning performance as Mary, mother of Jesus himself. Her career escalated through her school years, including heavy involvement in the Marystown Central High Dominoes where she played a robot struggling to become autonomous in their 2003 performance of Property Rights. Following a season in the Grand Bank theatre festival, Lindsey began attending Memorial University, where she is taking her dead sweet time in completing the Diploma in Performance and Communications.

Jonathan "Jon" Moore is in his penultimate semester of a BA (Hons) in German Language and Literature, so it's only natural that he should serve as the producing team's liaison to the German Department, as well as the author of the information package on Brecht's life and influences. Jon also serves as the Sergeant (Sc. 3) and, later, as a couple of peasants.

Beth Fagan is a fourth year English major at MUN and is in her second year of the diploma program. She has been involved in theatre for nine years, and has experience in stage construction, sound operation, and costume and make-up design. Her heart lies in acting and has been involved in many productions across the city including the English Department's production of Woyzeck in 2006. For this production, Beth has taken on the role of co-costume designer and vocal director. As a first time producer, Beth is excited and very proud to be a part of Mother Courage and Her Children.

Elanor Roseanne Careen, a 3rd year English student, has much acting under her belt as well as a fair bit of stage managing and lighting. She had the wonderful experience of learning about puppetry while producing Mother Courage and her Children and hopes that you thoroughly enjoy all the interesting media director Jamie Skidmore has employed within the play. Elanor has big dreams of becoming a filmmaker, so keep an eye out for her future work!

Daniel Genge is a part of 4401 and 3351 classes. He has been an actor on local stage for several years. He has had roles in Shakespeare by the Sea's Romeo and Juliet, Winter's Tale, Macbeth, As You Like It, Midsummer Night's Dream, Merchants of Venice and Two Gentlemen of Verona. Plus he has acted in Hickery Dickery Dock, The Cask of Amontillado. Daniel is glad to be a part of this year's production of Mother Courage and Her Children.

Krysta Fitzpatrick is in her fourth year at MUN, doing her honours in English with a minor in Religious studies. She is half-way through the Performance and Media Communications Diploma Program and has been involved in everything from school plays to the Backdoor Cabaret over the past several years. She is currently the secretary of the Memorial English Student Society and the Submissions editor/Sex Columnist for the MUN newspaper The Muse. She looks forward to being a part of this production.

Emma Ørnholt began her career in acting in grade 5 when she was voted "Best Actress" after taking hits of silly string in the face several times. She has since pursued her love of theatre in the Diploma for Performance and Communications Media at Memorial University. She has performed in several directorial scenes at MUN, and was a stagehand and extra in the stage adaptation of Darko in 2008. Emma is in her 3rd year and studies History and Political Science.

Jonathan Whitt is a 3rd year, bordering on 4th year, student at Memorial University. He is undertaking a Bachelor of Arts program, with an English major, a Philosophy minor, and he’s also enrolled in the Performance and Communications Diploma Program. He has found a new love in producing, because he loves to work in the shadows. Ironically, he doesn’t like ninjas, as he is a pirate fan.