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Poetry classes for Fall 2007

English 3100: Practical Criticism (Poetry)

English 3100 is a course devoted to the practice of criticism by students in a congenial seminar setting. The aim is to discuss poems, how they are made, how we respond to them.

The emphasis of the course is twofold: an increased understanding of the poems we consider together and a greater appreciation of how we arrive at our own responses.

Various groups of poems will form the basis for discussion, including poems by major writers in the English and Irish traditions, poems inspired by paintings, and poems by contemporary Newfoundland poets. Students’ interpretations are the backbone of the seminar; it is a cardinal principle in practical criticism that all responses are treated with respect.

The course is being offered by poet and professor Mary Dalton.

Maximum enrolment: 25.

Time: slot 19 (Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00-3.15 pm).

Class participation accounts for a major portion of the final grade.

For more information contact Mary Dalton at

This is a regular Department of English offering. It is as well one of the courses which count toward the Diploma in Creative Writing.

English 3901: Writing Poems

Instructor: S. Ingersoll To Be Offered Fall Semester, 2007 in Slot 31

English 3901 is a course for new poets who want to develop their craft. You will be encouraged to attempt various kinds of writing — metrical and non-metrical, rhyming and unrhymed, fixed forms as well as free verse. The class will revolve around discussion and criticism of your poems—a new one each week.

Entry into the course is by permission of the instructor. You are required to submit 10 original poems not later than August 31, to S. Ingersoll, c/o the Department of English. Enquiries about the course may be directed to the instructor by phone (737-8058), or through email

Alternatively, leave a message at the main English office (737-8277).