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Diploma in Performance and Communications Media

This is an experiential learning program offered to students enrolled in the bachelor of arts program and to students who have completed a bachelor’s degree ( honours or general) at this university or another university. The program is a collaboration between Memorial University’s Drama Specialization in the Department of English, Distance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT) and CBC Television. Students will be introduced to the sister arts of theatre and video production. Through practical courses in acting, directing, stage/video craft and production, students will explore the similarities and differences in these two exciting media. Following the completion of course work, students will enroll in six-credit-hour instructional field placement.


Enrolment is limited and competitive and will be based on academic merit and an audition/interview conducted by the program co-ordinator. Application for this program will normally take place in the second semester of the student’s second year.

Program of Study:

Students must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours of course work and at least six credit hours in instructional field placement.

  • English 3350: Theatre
  • English 3351: The Physical Stage and Video Technique
  • English 3816: Television
  • English 4400: Directing
  • English 4401: Producing the Play
  • English 4402: Producing the Documentary
  • English 5000: Instructional Field Placement

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For further information, please contact:

Dr. Jamie Skidmore
Department of English
Office: AA3027B

(709) 864-8404 (direct)
(709) 864-8277 (English Department)
(709) 864-4528 (English Department fax)