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English 3900 - Introduction to Creative Writing (Fiction)

students in class
1. Who is the instructor and how do I get in touch with him?
Dr. Larry Mathews;
2. What are the prerequisites for the course?
The same as for any 3000-level course: at least two courses at the 2000-level.
3. Can I register online?
4. How do I get into it then?
Class size is limited. Admission is not automatic. You must compete to get in by submitting a portfolio of fiction (5 to 10 pages, double-spaced). The portfolios will be used as the basis for determining entry into the course.
5. How do I submit my portfolio?
By delivering it to the instructor's office (Arts & Administration, 3001) and sliding it under the door, or by mailing it to him at Department of English, MUN, St. John's, NL A1C 5S7. HARD COPIES ONLY. E-mail and e-mail attachments WILL NOT BE READ.
6. What is the deadline for submission?
Thursday, August 31.
7. How and when do I find out whether I got in?
If you're on e-mail, the instructor will inform you by no later than Monday, September 4. A list of those accepted will be posted on the door of AA3001 by no later than Tuesday, September 5.
8. When will the course be held?
Tuesdays, 700-945 p.m.
9. What if I have further questions?
Contact the instructor: