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Admission Requirements

Students in classroom

Admission to the program is limited. Eligible to apply are:

Applicants with a BA or other degree in hand
Senior undergraduates in the BA or other degree
Individuals without a degree who can provide a portfolio of written work.

All applicants must demonstrate proficiency in writing by means of a portfolio submitted with the application. This may be a collection of work completed in English 2010, 2700, 3817, 3900, 3901, or another intensive writing course above the first-year level; or it may be a collection of work published in a newspaper/student newspaper or carried out for a community organization.

The portfolio must be accompanied by a statement from a professor or other competent authority attesting that the contents are the student’s own work.

Applicants intending to take English 3910 (Investigative Writing) normally are encouraged to include in the portfolio a sample of student journalism or other non-academic analysis/reporting.

Applicants should check the pre-requisites for courses they wish to take.

The applicant must also provide a letter of application; students and graduates must provide a degree transcript (completed or in progress).

Note: Students who wish to take a Creative Writing course as part of the program will also submit a separate portfolio of work in the relevant genre to the instructor of that course.

When to apply:
For Spring Semester:
Normally by the end of March.
For Fall Semester:
Normally by the end of July.
For Winter Semester:
Normally by the end of November.