Researcher Profiles

Department Head: Faisal Khan

Salim Ahmed: Safety and risk engineering, process systems, process control, modelling and simulation, system identification

Stephen Butt: Geomechanics, geophysical imaging and in situ characterization, drilling optimization, reservoir characterization non-destructive testing, geostatics

Kelly Hawboldt: Waste gas management and recovery, combustion/pyrolysis of waste gas, oil and gas processing, environmental effects monitoring, offshore produced water and drilling cuttings treatment and disposal

Syed Imtiaz: statistical process control, treatment of imperfect data and state estimation of nonlinear processes

Lesley James: Sustainable oil production by increasing oil recovery rates through enhanced oil recovery (EOR)

Thormod Johansen: Reservoir engineering, mathematical modeling of fluid flow in wells and porous media, integration of simulators for characterization, analytical and numerical modeling of fluid flow, up-scaling of reservoir properties, enhanced oil recovery

Faisal Khan: Safety and risk engineering, reliability modeling, human health risk assessment

Mohamed Aziz Rahman: Measurement techniques and fluid mechanics

John Shirokoff: Interfaces, characterization of materials

Yan Zhang: Process systems, green engineering, mineral processing, energy.


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