Regional Language Studies...Newfoundland

The periodical Regional Language Studies...Newfoundland (RLS) has been supported by the English Department, at times jointly with the Folklore Department, since 1968. Its original aims have been maintained and developed since then: to spread information about all aspects of linguistics, to print bibliographies, especially to present articles on regional vocabulary and meanings, and to examine place and family names.

The journal has been edited by William Kirwin, Robert Hollett, and Graham Shorrocks. In 2005 the Faculty of Arts encouraged the journal to have a more formal basis, and it became officially affiliated with the English Language Research Centre, with the Management Committee appointing an Editor and acting as the Editorial Committee. The latest issue, Number 25, appeared in April, 2014, a special issue devoted to Labrador language studies. Correspondence may be sent to the ELRC Manager and RLS Editor Suzanne Power, at

RLS is now being published online through Memorial University's Open Access Journal system, which is free and easy to use. You can read and download RLS 25 and future numbers online at:

Back issues of the journal are available here.

RLS welcomes submissions from academics, students, and others on topics relating to Newfoundland languages. Articles on non-English language topics in the Newfoundland and Labrador context are also encouraged. Send your manuscript as a WordPerfect or Word email attachment to ELRC Manager Suzanne Power, at Include your name and your affiliation. Footnoting is not necessary: identify your quotations and sources in parentheses following the material cited, and add References at the end of your essay. Transcriptions may be in IPA.

RLS is currently accepting submissions for its 2015 issue. Call for Papers is available here.

The RLS style sheet is available by clicking here.