EGSA Constitution

English Graduate Student Association


Ratified: September 23, 2013

by Alexandra Gilbert, Chair, 2013 - 2014

Article I: Name

i) The club shall be called the English Graduate Student Association of Memorial University of Newfoundland. The abbreviation shall be “EGSA.”

Article II: Mission and Goals

i) The EGSA organizes events and activities that enrich the graduate student experience, provide opportunities for further learning, and build collegiality.

ii) The EGSA demonstrates the importance of English studies to the wider university community and the public in general.

iii) All EGSA initiatives are based on the principles of inclusion and respect.

Article III: Membership

i) The EGSA welcomes all graduate students (both MA and PhD) in the Department of English Language and Literature.

ii) Non-tenured faculty currently teaching in the English Department may join as well.

Article IV: Voting Rights

i) All members in good standing, who are present when a vote is imminent, have voting rights and are each entitled to one (1) vote.

ii) The Chair does not have a vote, except in the event of a tie.

Article V: Executive

i) The Executive is comprised of Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

ii) The above positions will be selected by an informal nominations procedure at the AGM, normally held in September.

Article VI: Duties of the Executive

i) The Chair will be responsible for chairing meetings, delegating responsibilities, managing the EGSA email account, and overall communication with EGSA members. The Chair is responsible for transferring responsibility of to the following Chair.

ii) The Secretary will be responsible for taking minutes at meetings and posting a typed, printed copy publicly in the grad room.

iii) The Treasurer will handle financial aspects of the EGSA in consultation with the Chair and Secretary.

Article VII: Signing Authority

i) The EGSA community bank account will be held at The Bank of Montreal at 384 Elizabeth Avenue.

ii) All three Executive members will be signing officers.

iii) Cheques require two (2) signatures.

iv) All transactions must be completed in consultation with all three Executive members.

v) Cash may not be withdrawn from the account.

Article VIII: Meeting Procedures

i) Meetings will be conducted through an informal interpretation of Robert’s Rules.

ii) Every member that wishes to speak will have an opportunity to do so.

iii) Voting procedures will follow Robert’s Rules (ie. not by secret ballot).

Article IX: Termination of Membership

i) In an effort to maintain a positive environment that is welcoming to all English graduate students, EGSA membership may be terminated in the event of member conduct that contravenes the principles of inclusion, respect, and collegiality.

ii) Termination will be at the discretion of the Executive.

iii) The decision to terminate membership must be unanimous.

Article X: Other Graduate Student Organizations

i) The EGSA is not directly affiliated with Postscript: A Journal of Graduate Criticism and Theory.

ii) The EGSA and Postscript funding are non-transferrable.

iii) The EGSA is a ratified club with the Graduate Students’ Union of Memorial University of Newfoundland and is eligible for GSU funding. As such, all EGSA activities must comply with GSU mandates for ratified clubs.