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Nichole Burton

Nicole Burton – CPF Teacher Graduate of the Year, 2009

Each year on the occasion of their Annual General Meeting and the Concours d’Art Oratoire, Canadian Parents for French (CPF) presents the award for French Teacher Graduate of the Year. This year’s winner of this prestigious award was Ms. Nichole Burton, Education graduate of Memorial University of Newfoundland. Nichole did indeed fulfill all the criteria to be chosen as CPF French Teacher Graduate of the Year.

Prior to attending Memorial University, in order to advance her proficiency level in French, Nichole completed a five-week French Immersion Institute in Quebec. Nichole graduated from Memorial University in May 2009 with her Primary/Elementary Education degree with a concentration in French. Throughout her university years Nichole demonstrated her determination, her organizational skills and her excellent work ethic thus it was no surprise when she was named to the Dean’s List for the academic year 2007 -2008. She was awarded several scholarships including an entrance scholarship to Memorial University, the R.A. Parsons Scholarship Fund and the Dr. Hugh O’Neill Education Scholarship. Nichole has been involved as both as volunteer and as an employee in the area of French second language. She has worked with Canadian Parents for French as a French Club Instructor. In this position, she developed teaching resources for the club and she lead activities in French with grade three students at St. Matthew’s Elementary in St. John’s. She also completed clerical work for CPF and in this position she assisted French camp instructors, publicized the French camps and was a camp counselor. Through these activities, and through tutoring young children, Nichole has gained invaluable experience working with young children and using the French language.

Nichole was fortunate to be placed in Cowan Heights Elementary for her 4 month internship and she worked in a grade three classroom under the supervision of Gail Keats, a grade three teacher. Ms. Keats recommended Nichole for this reward and in doing so she spoke of her work ethic and the respect that she gained from the students and staff of the entire school. She emphasized Nichole’s organizational skills, her punctuality and her classroom management, all important characteristics for a teacher to have. Ms. Keats spoke of the innovative strategies and the hands-on activities that Nicole used in her teaching, which served as a great motivation for the students. Nichole welcomed challenges and was very enthusiastic and patient and possessed a great desire to work with the special needs children.

Nichole is currently substituting in the St. John’s region of the Eastern School District and is looking for permanent employment as a Primary/Elementary teacher and would welcome a position in which she would be able to put her French skills to task.