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The Bachelor of Education (Primary/Elementary) This degree program is designed to prepare teachers of kindergarten through grade six. It is available both as a First Degree and as a Second Degree. If your Focus Area is French and you hope to teach French, then it is highly recommended that you complete Education 3050, The Teaching of French as a Second Language in the Primary and Elementary Grades. The prerequisite for this course is French 2101.


French Immersion Option

The French Immersion Option is available only in the Bachelor of Education (Primary/Elementary) Integrated Program. In addition to meeting the Admission Requirements for the Bachelor of Education (Primary/Elementary) Degree Program, a student applying for this option must have 27 credit hours in French . Admitted students will spend the two semesters of the Professional year in a French milieu.


Bachelor of Education (Intermediate/Secondary)

This program is a second degree program designed to prepare teachers of grades seven through twelve. Specializing in teaching French requires that French be one of the two teachable areas (academic disciplines) to meet admission regulations.

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