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Canadian Parents for French Teacher Graduate of the Year Award 2017

Canadian Parents for French-Newfoundland and Labrador, award winners and invited guests enjoyed a warm welcome at Government House on Friday, June 9th. Those present celebrated some very deserving French teachers and students who received Student of the Year and Teacher of the Year Awards.
Congratulations to Ashley Barrett, a recent graduate of the Faculty of Education Second Degree Program French Immersion Option, the winner in the category of Teacher Graduate of the Year!

AshleyTheir Honours Frank F. Fagan and Patricia Fagan congratulated Ashely on her accomplishments thus far, on her dedication to her studies and on a great beginning to her teaching career.

Ashley was a student in the Bachelor of Education Second Degree Program French Immersion Option in the Faculty of Education in the 2015-2016 academic year. Ashley came to the Faculty of Education with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in French. She has written and passed both the DELF B1 and B2 Examinations of proficiency in the French language.

Ashley is super-organized and is excellent at multi-tasking, great qualities to possess in the field of teaching. She is dedicated to her studies and takes advantage of professional learning sessions that are offered in the domain of French Language and French Education Pedagogy.  She was excited to begin her internship at Mary Queen of Peace in a grade 4 French Immersion classroom.  Her cooperating teacher and the grade 4 students had a great experience with Ashley during the winter semester of 2016.  Ashley excelled in all areas during her internship. She demonstrated an excellent work ethic and worked diligently on a daily basis to make improvements to her teaching and her lesson planning. Ashley is competent in the French language and was an excellent example for the children. Ashley arrived excited and motivated each day, and was genuinely dedicated to improving student achievement and her teaching practices. She continued to self-reflect and was able to make changes in her activities and teaching style when necessary.

In September, 2016, Ashley was hired to do a one-year replacement at St. Theresa's School/École Ste.-Thérèse. She is thoroughly enjoying her experience in Grade 4 Early French Immersion, her area of expertise in the teaching of French as a second language. The school system needs teachers like Ashley and the Faculty of Education congratulates her in being awarded the CPF French Teacher Graduate of the Year Award.