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How to Apply

FI student final presentation July 2016Students are required to apply online or through MUN Self-Service to programs listed: 

Learn more about our DEGREE PROGRAMS listed below:

  • Bachelor of Education (Primary/Elementary) as a First Degree
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary/Elementary) as a Second Degree
  • Bachelor of Education (Intermediate/Secondary) Degree
  • Bachelor of Eduction (Intermediate/Secondary) Conjoint with the Diploma in Technology Education Degree
  • Bachelor of Music Education (available in two options: Bachelor of Music Conjoint with Bachelor of Music Education; and Bachelor of Music Education as a Second Degree)
  • Bachelor of Special Education
  • Bachelor of Education (Post-Secondary) as a First Degree
  • Bachelor of Education (Post-Secondary) as a Second Degree


  • Diploma in Adult Learning and Post Secondary Education

Required supporting documentation is identified below:

How we Evaluate your Application

Admission to programs within the Faculty of Education is determined by a Selections Committee and is based on the admission criteria listed in the University Calendar for each degree/diploma program.

Applicants who are completing courses at this or another institution and for whom final and complete transcripts are not yet available may be granted provisional acceptance to the program to which they are applying pending the receipt of final transcripts. This provisional acceptance will remain valid until final transcripts are received. Provisionally accepted applicants may be granted a final acceptance upon review of the final transcript by the Selections Committee.

Transcripts from institutions other than Memorial University are to be submitted at the time of application. Your final transcript indicating the award of your first Bachelors Degree and/or Winter Semester grades must be received by the Office of the Registrar no later than June 15.

The Faculty reserves the right to deny admission to a candidate who, in the opinion of the Selections Committee, is deemed unsuitable for admission to a program. In special circumstances, the Committee on Undergraduate Studies, on recommendation from the Admissions Committee may, at its discretion, consider an applicant or group of applicants as an exception to the requirements.