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I have had EFL/ESL/TESL teaching and research experiences in China, England and Canada. My research in China focused on cross-cultural communication, language transfer and English teaching methodology in EFL contexts. Through my travel, study and work in England and Canada, I have strengthened my scholarship in applied linguistics and developed interests in sociolinguistics, with a focus on identity construction in ESL writing.

My previous study explored identity reconstruction of graduate students in additional language contexts in China and Canada. My newly-completed book entitled Teaching ESL in Canada is a textbook specifically written for Canadian ESL instructors. My current research projects focus on ESL instruction and support in schools and communities in Newfoundland, Canada.

Research Interests

  • Second/Additional language education
  • Identity issues in additional language contexts
  • Second/Additional language writing
  • TESL/TEFL curriculum and methodology
  • ESL support in schools and communities
  • Immigrant integration in Atlantic Canada
  • Comparative cultural and language studies


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