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Course Descriptions and Dissertation and Thesis Supervision: Ursula A. Kelly


Graduate Level

Education 6105 - Education Across Social and Cultural Difference

This course examines the intersection of multiple and inter-related markers or dimensions of social and cultural difference and institutional, particularly educational, practices. The course provides ways of analyzing and understanding differences which challenge monolithic, monocultural, and discriminatory assumptions. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to contemplate one’s own ethical location in relation to difference. Also explored are the ways in which such insights might provide direction for renewed, culturally responsive and respectful policy, reflective and anti-discriminatory teaching, more inclusive and socially critical curriculum, and more equitable institutional practices.

Education 6106 - Popular Culture and Literacy Education

This course focuses on the educational and pedagogical dimensions of popular culture. It highlights the array of literacies practised in contemporary multi-mediated and technologically advanced cultures, and the complex social processes involved in the reading and teaching of popular culture. The course draws on various theoretical frameworks with which to analyze and to assess, from a social justice perspective, the intersections of knowledge, power, desire and social identity in ‘popular literacy’ practices.

Education 6108 - Language and Literacy Education: Sociocultural Perspectives

This course examines socio-cultural perspectives on literacy and language education. Drawing on the scholarship of both well established and emerging scholars, in particular within the New Literacy Studies, the course provides an opportunity for a critical engagement of prevalent and decontextualized notions of language and literacy education. It examines research, policy, curriculum, pedagogy, through an analysis of culture and power and a focus on social justice, to glean insights into how language and literacy education may be transformed so as to enhance both student success and social equity.

Education 6300 - Teaching and Learning

This course examines how ways of thinking about teaching and learning inform and shape institutionalized (schooling) practices. The course revisits established theoretical traditions and taken-for-granted practices within teaching and learning to make explicit their informing assumptions and to question their individual and social implications and effects . In so doing, the course introduces ways of thinking which are self-reflexive, challenge established traditions, and provide a framework for rethinking teaching and learning in the context of efforts to improve education and to enhance social justice in and through schooling.

Education 7001 - Doctoral Studies Seminar

This doctoral seminar introduces the student to key theorists whose writings have shaped research and scholarship in the area of concentration and familiarizes the student with and encourages analysis of the diversity of research practices related to the area of concentration. It also provides the student an opportunity for thoughtful consideration of various perspectives and practices, encourages the student in the development of a perspective which is critical and reflective and informed by a breadth of reading and depth of thinking, and mentors the student in the culture of academia, scholarly writing and research, and dissemination of research.


SUPERVISION (Dissertations and Theses)

I have extensive experience in the supervision of students in a variety of programs at the doctoral and masters levels of study at several universities.

Doctoral Level

I have supervised students in both the PhD program of the Faculty of Education and the Inter-disciplinary (ID) PhD program of Memorial University. I have also supervised PhD students at Dalhousie University.

Masters Level

I have supervised students in the Master of Education and Master of Women's Studies programs of Memorial University. I have supervised students in the Master of Arts program of Mount Saint Vincent University and the Master of Education programs of Saint Mary's University and Dalhousie University. I have also supervised students in the Inter-University Master of Arts (Women's Studies) program of Dalhousie University, Saint Mary's University and Mount Saint Vincent University.

External Examiner (PhD)

I have been an external examiner of doctoral dissertations for the University of Toronto (multiple), the University of Alberta, the University of Regina, the University of New Brunswick, and the University of Oulu (Finland).