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Current Research Projects


TPACK Survey Research

This research, in collaboration with Gerry White and DELTS designers Pam Phillips, Lisa St. Croix and Catherine Wicks, surveys Education undergraduate and graduate students as well as Education and DELTS instructors about their technological, pedagogical and content knowledge and their interconnectedness.

The survey, adapted to the MUN context, is used with permission of the original creators Schmidt et al. (2009-10). See

 The proposal for this research has been reviewed by the Interdisciplinary Committee on Ethics in Human Research and found to be in compliance with Memorial University's ethics policy. If you have ethical concerns about the research (such as the way you have been treated or your rights as a participant), you may contact the Chairperson of the ICEHR at or by telephone at 709-864-2861.

The surveys may be viewed by clicking these links: 

Preservice/Undergrad Students

Grad Students/Teachers

University Instructors

Results of this research will be published here as they become available. Detailed information on the study and ethics provisions is vailable here.


Integrating Digital Tehnologies and Resources in English language Arts

This research, in collaboration with Dr. Deborah Toope and several teachers with the Eastern School District, is supported by an Image Text Sound and Technologies grant from SSHRC (Spring 2010).

 The purpose of this research is to investigate the educational uses of new digital technologies and their integration in literacy learning. The objectives include: 1. to develop new knowledge about school-based uses of online digital resources (image, sound and text resources and production tools); 2. to research with teachers, encouraging the integration of digital technologies into their pedagogy and documenting their efforts; 3. to develop digital learning materials and web sites that will be widely available for classroom use by teachers and prospective teachers; and 4. to devise and enact assessment practices appropriate for digital compositions at both the K-to-12 and university levels.


Web 2.0 Digital Resources


Digital technologies, new literacies, and 21st century skills. Proceedings of the International Conference on Education, Informatics, and Cybernetics and the International Symposium on Integrating Research, Education, and Problem Solving (pp. 28-33). N. Callos, Chu, H-W., Horne. J. & Welsch, F. (Eds.). Orlando, FL, November 29-December 2, 2011. 


Preservice Teachers’ Perspectives on Canadian Identity and their Understandings of Ideology in Multicultural Picture Books - canadian_multicultural_picture_b.htm

This SSHRC-supported research initiative is in collaboration with University of Alberta (Ingrid Johnston, Joyce Bainbridge, Lynne Wiltse who is formerly of Thompson Rivers University), Lakehead University (Mary Clare Courtland), University of Saskatchewan (Angela Ward), McGill (Teresa Strong-Wilson) and Memorial University (Roberta F. Hammett, Anne Burke). The linked document lists the picture books selected for the study.


Learning Rubrics –

This research collaboration with Department of Education Newfoundland and Labrador and Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers Association includes an interactive website to learn to use rubrics to assess students’ literacy and numeracy criterion referenced test responses.


Living and Learning in Webkinz World - and other online play sites.

This research collaboration with Anne Burke and Deborah Toope here in Newfoundland links with a growing team of national and international researchers including Janette Hughes and Alison King (UOIT).