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Education Students' Digital Projects

Preservice teachers in EDUC 4354 - Teaching Writing [and Representing] in Intermediate and Secondary Classrooms kindly consented to the display of their introductions to digital/Web 2.0 resources useful to teachers for teaching and learning.

Click the technology link to the right to view a presentation about it and how to integrate it into K-12 curriculum.

Sandi Tulk - Wordle - visually represent text in a word cloud

Rebecca Young - Chatzy - set up a private chat room.

Megan Ormshaw - Xtranormal - write (or copy) a dialogue and animate it with one or two characters

Lesley Raymond - Edublogs - set up a blog for students to write and interact

Erika Chisholm - - a tool for saving and sharing the URLs of favourite websites

Tara Sweeney - Google Docs - explains how and why to use these digital resources in a classroom.