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Teacher induction ceremony 2015
Lisa Pendergast
Faculty of education new teacher  Ms. Jody Lynn Doyle

Forty Faculty of Education graduates were recognized by Memorial University and the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association (NLTA) as official teachers at the ceremony of induction into the teaching profession on May 29.

The ceremony, now in its tenth year, took place at Glendenning Golf Club and began with opening remarks from Mr. Steve Brooks, Assistant Executive Director with the NLTA.

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, Dr. Gerald Galway, congratulated the new teachers and told them what they have to look forward to as Faculty of Education alumni. He asked the graduates to take a minute to thank their supporters: friends, family, peers, teachers and staff, many of whom were in the room. He also spoke about the current labour market for teachers and the opportunities that exist for them all over the world.

“As teachers, we must contest the idea that education graduates confine their sights to teaching in local schools,” said Dr. Galway. “In our experience international opportunities are becoming more competitive in terms of the attractiveness of the placements as well and the salaries and benefits; they are, therefore, likely to attract more graduates from our university in the future. So do venture beyond your backyard. And do consider teaching in a different place – a different community, another province or even a different country. And do this with the understanding that your teaching career will be a journey with many stops and with countless valuable experiences along the way.”

Click here to read the rest of Dr. Galway’s inspirational speech.

Mr. Dean Ingram, Vice-President of the NLTA, spoke next, and stressed the important role that teachers play in the lives of children. “Who you are teaching is the most important focus of the profession,” said Mr. Ingram. “Students may forget much of what you taught them, over time, but they will remember far longer how you teach them.”

Mr. Tom Hedderson, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, brought greetings from the department. He told stories of his years teaching and he reminded the new teachers that their profession can take them anywhere, even to careers outside of a classroom.

New teacher, Ms. Jody Lynn Doyle spoke as a representative of the new primary/elementary class. She referred to her peers as lifelong friends and expressed her desire to work alongside them throughout her career.

The teachers were presented with their certificates, and together, with all teachers in the room, they stood and recited the Teacher’s Affirmation of Professional Responsibility:

I hereby affirm that as a teacher:

I accept my professional responsibility to provide quality educational opportunities and experiences to my students.

I will uphold the professional and trusted relationship between myself as a teacher and the students who are entrusted to my care.

I will work to establish positive professional relationships with my teacher colleagues, parents and guardians and the community to serve the best interests of my students.

I will always seek to maintain the honour and dignity of the teaching profession.

I will respect the rich traditions of the teaching profession and strive to contribute to the continued enhancement if education for the betterment of communities and society in general.

The induction ceremony was followed by Spring Convocation at the Arts & Culture Centre.

The Faculty of Education would like to congratulate all those who were inducted and who graduated at Spring Convocation, both on the St. John’s and Grenfell campuses. 

Jun 11th, 2015

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