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Symposium of Singing and Song
Lisa Pendergast

Memorial University’s first symposium of Singing and Song will take place Oct. 1-4 on the St. John’s campus.

Papers and presentations are being accepted for the symposium until Friday, May 15.

Individual and collaborative submissions are welcome, as are traditional and imaginative presentation formats. Submissions should address the many contexts of singing and song such as artistic, cultural, historical, compositional, psychological and beyond!

Accepted submissions will be grouped thematically by the program committee. Selected papers and presentations will be published in the Symposium on Singing and Song e-proceedings. For additional information and the online submission form, please visit

The Symposium of Singing and Song is an event that will bring together scholars and performers representing diverse disciplines to share international perspectives, research and practices associated with singing and song. Symposium programming will include keynote and delegate presentations, performances, social gatherings and opportunities for dialogue and networking.

This is the first symposium being organized by The Singing Network. This network was established in October 2014 by co-founders Ki Adams and Dr. Andrea Rose, both with the Faculty of Education, along with a steering committee of Memorial University faculty members. Its objective is to build a network of individuals and organizations to produce a series of voice-singing-choral events. These events will include workshops, seminars, master-classes, dialogues and symposiums.

The Singing Network is supported by the Bruneau Centre for Excellence in Choral Music and the Office of Public Engagement Quick Start Fund.

May 13th, 2015

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