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International French proficiency test to be offered at Memorial
Lisa Pendergast
Gilles Bergthold, a visiting student from France.

Students who are studying French at Memorial University will have the opportunity to certify their language proficiency at the St. John’s campus this winter.

The Diplôme d’études en langue française (DELF) certification, the official French language diploma awarded by France’s Ministry of National Education, is recognized in 165 countries and is offered by 965 accredited centres throughout the world, 29 of which are located in Canada. The certification at Memorial is being coordinated through the test centre at the Alliance Française in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Once obtained, this certification is valid for life.

The Faculty of Education, the Department of French and Spanish, the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District and the Department of Education have worked together for the past two years to give students and new French teachers the opportunity to assess their French language proficiency.

Ms. Camilla Stoodley, Co-ordinator (French Programs) with the Faculty of Education, was instrumental in this process. “It began in 2013 when the Faculty of Education was invited to participate in the offering of the (DELF), “said Ms. Stoodley. “This was part of a pilot project initiated by the Department of Education with students in some of the province’s high schools.”  

With financial assistance from the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Agreement for Minority-Language Education and Second Official Language Instruction, the Faculty of Education and the Department of French and Spanish will administer the DELF accompanied by one or more DELF exam preparation seminars.

The DELF B2, a level of the diploma which certifies writers as “Intermediate Independent Users,” will be offered on March 4, 2015. The testing will include an “épreuve collective” which is group testing of written and oral comprehension as well as “épreuves individuelles” which are individual interviews. 

Ms. Stoodley believes that offering this certification at Memorial will benefit both students and alumni. “Writing the DELF B2 will give students and new teachers a detailed description of their French proficiency in the four components: oral production, oral comprehension, written production and written comprehension,” she says. “Offering these sessions is one of the ways that this partnership intends to support teachers of French as a second language.”

If you are an education student with a French teachable or focus area, a student with a French major or minor, a recent graduate from the Faculty of Education or a new French teacher, you are eligible to write the DELF. 

You can see a sample DELF B2 Exam here: 

If you are interested in sitting for the DELF B2, please contact Ms. Camilla Stoodley at for details.

Jan 28th, 2015

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