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Lisa Pendergast
Student creative and arts-based work in education

Imagine/Create/Celebrate: Student Creative and Arts-Based Work in Education is an art exhibition located throughout the G.A. Hickman building in the Faculty of Education.

Dr. Heather McLeod, an assistant professor with the Faculty of Education, had the idea to create this student showcase and carried it out with the help of student assistants Kayla Wilson, Sylvester Boadi and Robin Murphy; and staff members Rose Cross and Cathy Madol.

Dr. McLeod, who teaches art education said, “We’ve had a really great response to the show. We included both the work of art specialists and students who have less experience.”

The exhibition includes two and three-dimensional work, photography and poetry as well as some short films that are available for viewing on a smart board with a seating area in the Curriculum Materials Centre. Each piece is accompanied by a statement or explanation by the student artist.

Teachers and students are sometimes expected to conform to a certain standard in education, however the students whose pieces are featured in this exhibition have worked in creative ways to explore and communicate knowledge. For example, “The Ecology of Change” by Carolyn Hapgood, Damien Holloway, Andrea Powell and Kayla Power, and “Birds” by Jessica Cole and Sevan Amirkhanian, allow the viewer to see aspects of learning to counsel youth from another angle.  

Other pieces in this exhibition, “Summer Lifeline, Some Salt fish”; “Spring Heating, Splittin’ Wood”; “Fall’s Retreat, Recess is Over” and “Winter Fun, A Dogsled Run” all by David Trainer, and “Two for Joy” by Joan Dohey communicate detailed knowledge of our regional culture, and make this knowledge more accessible and relevant to a wider audience.

Since the show opened, students, staff and faculty have commented that the variety of pieces placed in high traffic areas has added visual interest and contributed to a sense of contemporary community in our aging building which is undergoing repairs and renovations.

The artwork has been displayed since the opening reception in November and is scheduled to come down on June 30. 


Jun 13th, 2014

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