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Memorial's Educate & Inspire Research Week
Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education at Memorial University invites you to join us as we share just some of our research during Memorial's Educate & Inspire Research Week. It will be an informal session and we hope you can drop by for one or all of our presentations.

When? May 16th in AA1046 (Arts and Administration Building) 9:00 am. Parking is available. Please RSVP to Lisa Charlong at or 864-7623.



Welcome:  Dr. Rhonda Joy, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research, Faculty of Education:


Dr. Joelle Rodway:

Who You Know and What You Know: How Social Spaces Affect Learning and Change


Dr. Anne Burke, Dr. David Gill and Dr. Gerald Galway:

Makerspaces as experiential learning initiatives in public education


Dr. Karen Goodnough and Tom Walsh: 

Enhancing teacher professional learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics): Successes and Challenges


Dr. Tim Seifert:

Young Catholic adults: Attitudes and beliefs about God, religion and the Church.


Dr. Xuemei Li:

ESL newcomer students' academic and social support in NL K-12 schools; 2) Parental engagement issues of newcomer students; and 3) Teachers' challenges in and views on working with newcomer students


Dr. Leah Lewis:

Open Studio Project: Exploring newcomer Experiences of Belonging through Art Hive (in AA Atrium outside AA1046) 

May 7th, 2018

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