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REELJustice Film Festival Kicks Off This Week

January 29, 2013

On Tuesday, January 29 the REELJustice Film Festival returns to St. John's at its new location, Memorial University, with a showing of The People of Kattawapiskak River.

The film focuses on a housing crisis suffered by the Cree people in Northern Ontario, one element of an ongoing problem that recently made Chief Theresa Spence a front page story and brought the Idle No More movement to the attention of people across the country.

The film series is sponsored by the Faculty of Education and is used to promote healthy debate and discussion of social justice issues happening across the globe.

Dr. Dorothy Vaandering, one of several organizers of the event, identifies that the festival is designed to challenge taken-for-granted perspectives and definitions of justice.

"We often default to a narrow understanding of justice that emphasizes right and wrong. From this vantage point we can actually perpetuate further injustice unless we begin to realize how we are personally entangled in our social structures," said Vaandering.

"The films chosen for this season will continue to challenge viewers to consider justice as a means for honouring and working for the well-being and worth of all people."

This month's film holds obvious importance to the aboriginal community, something Dr. Maura Hanrahan of MUN Aboriginal Affairs notes:

"I have been working with Indigenous organizations and communities for almost two decades and I still found this film to be a real eye-opener. I would highly recommend it to all Canadians and I'm certain it will inspire the kind of dialogue we need in this country."

People can be seen at The Landing, room UC3018, at 7pm. It marks the first viewing of the new year, and the festival will run into May showing a new film on the last Tuesday of every month. Admission is free, however voluntary donations are accepted at the door.

For more information, contact Dr. Vaandering directly via email: