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MUN Education Signs MOU With Liaoning Normal University

May 30, 2013

On May 16, representatives from Memorial University met with a group from Liaoning Normal University at the St. John’s campus to sign a memorandum of understanding that will allow for the exchange of students between the two institutions. LNU is located in Dalian, China.

“It’s a great day for the Faculty,” said Dr. Kirk Anderson, Dean of Education for Memorial. “We’ve focused heavily on building international partnerships and fostering opportunities around the world for both our faculty and the students [at Memorial], and things like this MOU are the fruits of that labour.”

“I can see a day when LNU students and faculty are a regular presence at MUN, maybe both here and in Corner Brook. Likewise MUN students and faculty will be able to spend time in Dalian, China at LNU.”

Dr. Anderson travelled to Dalian in 2012 to see the LNU campus, and came away incredibly impressed.

“I was impressed by the safety of the city itself, the campus, and the international scope of the programs [at LNU]. It was the exact type of school we envisioned getting involved with when we began our thrust for international partnership in 2011,” he said. “The thought that students from here can take Mandarin immersion in Dalian and that our students could soon be doing internships in Dalian is truly exciting.”

After signing the MOU, Deputy Provost and Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Studies Dr. Cecilia Reynolds was quick to point out the importance of such an event to the university.

“Memorial has a number of memorandums of understanding with a number of agencies around the world, but China is a particularly important for the university,” she said.

“This one seems to be the beginning of what could be a very rich and full partnership, not only for Education but eventually with Earth Sciences and a number of other areas across the university. And of course, across our multiple sites as well, including the Marine Institute, where there is already some of that activity going on.”

For their part, members of the LNU group that came to St. John’s from Dalian were equally as excited about the burgeoning partnership with Memorial. Said Dr. Guangcai Dong, General Secretary of the Guiding Committee for International Programs and Dean of College of International Business at LNU:

“In Canada, we have no sister university. We have five in the United States, so the relationship with Memorial is significant for us to develop relationships in Canada. The focus is student and faculty exchange, and Memorial is a comprehensive university [in those areas].”

Dr. Dong was also complimentary of St. John’s and the surrounding areas that the group was able to visit during their trip.

“The geography is similar to our location in China, coastal. We love it. It’s quiet and safe. A good place to study.”

The relationship between MUN Education and LNU is expected to see exchanges beginning in 2014.